Mystic Tie Masonic Lodge - Indianapolis, Indiana
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About Us

The United States has more than 13,000 lodges, each one will extend the warm hand of brotherhood to the community and humankind. At Masonic lodges, all men are equal, regardless of race, income, or religion. Mystic Tie Lodge is no different as we practice the principles of taking good men and making them better.

On behalf of the entire membership and officer's line of Mystic Tie Lodge #398, thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are currently a Freemason, or desirous of becoming a Freemason, Mystic Tie has a lot to offer you. We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and one of the city's busiest lodges. Mystic Tie is a lodge of professional Freemasons, and we meet every Monday night at 7 pm. Please check our calendar for the next event and time. If you are looking to join the Freemasons, follow the links and download a petition today! We look forward to seeing you then.

God Bless,
Alex G. Perin
140th Worshipful Master